Uluru is the largest single rock in the world. It rises 348 metres_______the ground and is nine kilometres around at ground level.

Mohlo byť použité aj slovo "from".

Its colour depends_______the time of day and the weather.

At the base is a series of caves and water holes,_______with deep spiritual meaning for the traditional Aboriginal keepers of the place.

In some_______the caves, traditional Aboriginal paintings can be seen.

Tourists can_______taken to see the ῾galleries’ of rock art by guides who explain the symbols and the techniques used.

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre nearby makes it clear that Aboriginal people_______prefer tourists not to climb the rock.

The reasons for_______are that Uluru is a sacred site, and that it is quite dangerous to climb.

Mohlo byť použité aj slovo "that".

The Aborigines do_______want their special site to cause people’s deaths.

Several people die each year climbing the rock, leaving the marked path. Despite this, thousands of tourists_______climb to the top of the rock every year.

In 1963, the tribal elders agreed to have a rope installed along the steepest part of the trail and this_______made the climb far less hazardous.


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