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Svojimi odvážnymi fotografiami chce poukázať na negatívny vplyv Instagramu najmä na dospievajúce ženy, ktoré chcú schopné obetovať čokoľvek, len aby získali dokonalú postavu.

Chessie King je populárna blogerka, ktorá si robí čo chce, a neriadi sa zaužívanými pravidlami. Má zdravý pohľad na našu spoločnosť a svojimi fotografiami ukazuje, aký pokrivený obraz o dokonalom tele sme si vytvorili. Určite v tom majú nemalé zásluhy i sociálne siete či Instagram, ktorý sa stal výkladnou skriňou dokonalosti. Chessie ukazuje, ako dokonalé zábery vyzerajú v skutočnosti. Za objekt svojho experimentu si vybrala vlastné telo, čím si rozhodne zaslúži náš obdiv. Málokto by mal na také niečo odvahu.

Väčšina žien si prejde obdobím, kedy nie je až tak veľmi spokojná so svojim telom. U niekoho toho obdobie raz dva vyšumí, zatiaľ čo mnohým zaberie honba za dokonalosťou celé roky života. Ak aj vy „slintáte“ pri dokonalých fotografiách fitnessiek a modeliek na Instagrame, pozrite sa na Chessine fotografie. Ukáže vám, čo sa deje za scénou. Tieto fotografie by sa mohli využívať ako edukačný materiál na školách. Takú majú silu.

Správna póza pri fotení okamžite zmení proporcie postavy

Chessie prešla obdobím, kedy jedlo doslova nenávidela. Dnes už síce nie je kosť a koža, ale zato je oveľa spokojnejšia sama so sebou

Food is not scary, food is not the enemy, food is fuel, food is delicious, food is there to be ENJOYED ❤️🧡💛 – Left: 5 years ago. Scared of food, an unhealthy weight for my height (nearly 6ft) – Right: Found a love & very healthy relationship with food 💃🏼 I posted this last May but after so many messages after the recent post where I opened up to questions, I really hope it will help a few of you if you need it 🌈 Educating myself about exercise over the past few years has given me a whole new relationship with food. It’s now my bestfriend NOT the enemy 💛🍽 I used to get into bed proud of myself if I'd missed dinner, excited to wake up the next morning with a flat tummy. I forced myself to do endless amounts of cardio with absolutely no fuel & constantly felt light headed with no energy. I congratulated myself if I felt hungry & celebrated my tummy rumbling. I slowly started introducing foods that scared me, just a little bit at a time so it wasn’t too overwhelming, I started experimenting with different tastes 🍴 I now eat what I want when I want, with the thorough understanding (after 5 years of learning about my body) what food I need to support my active lifestyle. Without the food, I wouldn't be able to do the workouts I do, I would be able to work as hard as I do 🏋🏼 Even just sitting down to do work, I feel so much more productive when I’ve had a good nutritious meal. I don't count macros, I don't cut ANYTHING out of my diet (except black pepper & goats cheese! 🤢) I just eat healthy whole foods & nourish my body. I don't ever feel that guilt I used to live with every time I took a bite of even just an apple. Girls, if I could go back to the left photo, I would tell myself how amazing food really is. How important it is to understand what you're putting in your body & how much you need. I am not a nutritionist but I know what works for me & I’m still constantly learning 🙋🏼‍♀️ Anyone reading this who needs that little bit of bravery 🦁 YOU’VE GOT THIS & if you feel like you haven’t, there’s always support, you are NOT alone. 🍊🍋🍌🍿🍉🍓🍍🍦🥝🥕🥑

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Žiadne jazvy či strie. To má na svedomí Photoshop

Smooth skin, peachy booty, small waist, thin thighs… you can have it all in just 30 seconds of editing 💁🏼‍♀️ It’s scary how easily & quickly you can change your body on some of these apps. @lydiaxcollins & I had a play round to see how ‘modern day perfect’ we could make me look but still making it look ‘real’. Instagram can be so encouraging & inspiring but it’s also a ‘perfection’ trap 95% of the time & it can be so unhealthy & it still effects me. I want you to be able relate to me & look at my body & know it’s achievable. I want you to see me & know I look exactly the same in real life as I do on here. Yes people work extremely hard for their bodies & some people do look like the right but the rest of us gals should not have to feel like sh🍌t if we don’t 💃🏼 Sending allllll my love to anyone that’s compared themselves to another human today or wished they looked like that person on Instagram. You’re beautiful, in your own unique way ❤️🧡💛

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Svojimi fotografiami chce ukázať ženám, že vždy môžu byť spokojné so svojim telom

‘GOALS’ – a term we see errrryday on this Instagram thaang 💁🏼‍♀️ It’s amazing how different my goals are to a few years ago. All I cared about was being the leanest I could be, never missing a gym session, sticking to a ‘meal plan’ that took all the love out of food & … these are NOT ‘life goals’, these are restrictive & no fun 🙅🏼‍♀️ – I would never ever of been brave enough to put the right photo up back then but your gal has changed… my main goal now is to be as happpy as I can possibly be & that means feeling as comfortable as I can be in my own skin. I was about to film a little video about my skin this afternoon (that red lil’ cheek!), I looked down & saw my tummy. I would’ve been disgusted a few years ago & would’ve put a top on to cover it up, but I gave it a little jiggle & smiled. It may not look like the left (which was only a few months ago) but I really couldn’t care less. I’ve said this before but my happiest times in life have been with my family, with my bestfriends, with Mat, none of them have been about my body or how I look. So tonight, have a think & write down a few of your favourite memories & remember how amazing you felt in those moments. Live to make more of those & stop wasting time looking at that Instagram profile thinking they’re ‘goals’ ❤️🧡💛

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Tá istá postava, rôzne konfekčné veľkosti

This is NOT a transformation 🙅🏼‍♀️ Since uploading this photo 4/5 months ago, it has been reposted over & over again for all the WRONG reasons! I hate it when other profiles take your posts, use them for their own ‘weight loss’ pills or ‘6 week fat loss plans’ & go completely against what my intention was 🙄 For those of you who didn’t see the original, here’s why I posted it: "What size are you?" I get asked this most days & my answer is "anything from a UK size 8 to a 14". These photos were taken just minutes apart. The leggings on the left are a Large, the leggings on the right are a Small. Different brands. Both sizes are healthy & beautiful, there is no right or wrong. One of the biggest things I've learnt & want to share with YOU is that size does NOT matter. Brands & styles completely vary. I used to get so upset & frustrated if I couldn't fit into an 8 & would always force myself into them until they ripped 😂… now I actually love going up a size because I DON'T CARE about that number or letter (S,M or L). I wear what feeeels amazing, clothes are so much more comfortable if they have a little room to wiggle & jiggle in 💃🏼 No one ever knows what size you're wearing unless you have your label sticking out & even then, no one even cares (& if they do, remove them from your lifeeeee) 💁🏼‍♀️ One of my favourite quotes & something you can take with you when you’re struggling "It's not about the size you wear but the way you wear your size" 💛🧡❤️

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Správny uhol pri fotení modelkám pomôže k dokonalému pozadiu

“BOOTY GOALS” 🍑 “OH MY GOD I WANT YOUR BUM”… you see these kinda comments all over your newsfeed, but would you see those kinda comments on the right photo?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Neither of these photos are edited or photoshopped, same bottom just 2 completely different angles. Are you hooked on growing your peach to look like your favourite instagram girl? Have you ever thought maybe they have what I’ve got on the right: the dimples, the uneven cheeks, the bit I like to call the “second booty” (that bit underneath your bottom). I used to be extremely conscious of the back of my legs & if anyone was walking behind me whilst I was in swimwear I’d cover my booty & my legs because I was so embarrassed. I still find it a little bit scary sharing the right photo but I’m in my happy place, stuffing myself with popcorn! 🍿 & if it helps at least one of you to realise it’s OKAY to have imperfections then it was worth me pooing my pants a little. So next time you look in the mirror & see something similar to the right photo, just have a little word with yourself, I gat it too gurlll. You’re not alone 🙋🏼‍♀️🧡❤️💛

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Málokto dáva na Instagram fotografiu, na ktorej nie je spokojný sám so sebou. Táto žena je však svetlou výnimkou

Na kilách skutočne nezáleží

“I’m the biggest out of my friends & I hate it” “I always compare myself to taller girls & wish I was like them” I hear things like the above everyday, whether it’s a direct message or in real life & I want it to stop please🙅🏼‍♀️ I posted this back in the summer to show how different @thefoodmedic & I look side by side. We all have a friend who you’ll feel ‘tall’ or ‘small’ standing next to. But you should never have a friend who you feel embarrassed getting into a bikini next to. Hazel & I enjoy training, looking after ourselves & FOOOD 🧡🍕🥥🍦🍪🥑 I look at her body & see a strong, beautiful figure but it is completely unrealistic for me to ever want to look like Hazel. A few years ago I would’ve wished I had ‘legs like Hazel’ & a ‘tummy like Hazel’ but on our trip back in June I felt proud to stand healthy for all my tall girls that have struggled with being told they are a ‘bigger build’. This year for me has been a massive one on body confidence & feeding it with positive comments (& lots of popcorn 🍿) It may not be ‘bikini season’ but it’s just as important to stop comparing yourself to your friends all year round. I want you to try something this week, complimenting your girls on something that isn’t anything to do with their bodies. Tell them they were brave to take that big step, tell them how lovely they were for helping you, tell them something that will make them feel amazing from the inside to help them shine on the outside 🌟✨💫

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Neexistuje nič, s čím by si neporadil Photoshop

Do you ever look at ‘Instagrammers’ & wonder how they look so ‘perfect’? 👸🏼 Sometimes it’s surgery, sometimes it’s an easy 5 minutes on an editing app. I’ve never had any work done on my face or my body but I have nothing against those who do have minor procedures done to help their confidence. I wear makeup & play around with products to ‘enhance’ my features. However, heavily editing & changing features is deceiving, unfair & gives girls of all ages an unachievable idea of ‘reality’. I see some Instagram profiles & can see right through their editing; ‘Blurring’ skin, enlarging lips, changing the shape of their face… (it’s a little more than just upping the saturation) if you saw them in real life you probably wouldn’t recognise them! 🙅🏼👱🏼‍♀️ Aspire to be happy, aspire to feel confident in yourself without having to edit your photos like the right one. Stop comparing yourself to ‘perfected’ photos on Instagram, you are naturally beautiful 💛

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Nafúknuté bruško, s ktorým bojuje nejedna žena

THIS IS NOT A PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT! 🙅🏼🤰🏼This is 8:30am Friday morning. I woke up to this 👀 before I’d eaten anything & it was rock hard, swollen & extremely uncomfortable. Bloating doesn’t just happen after a day of eating loads of food & you don’t wake up with a flat stomach every morning. I’ve been super bloated 90% of the week & it’s really effected the way I feel. I’ve worn swimming costumes all week because I’ve felt self conscious & yuk. There was one day in Mykonos I tried on every bikini I bought with me (12!) & I was getting more & more worked up about being so bloated I just ended up wearing a swimming costume & covering myself with a towel. I have suffered from bloating since I was 16 & I still have never found the exact thing that triggers it, it can be anything from food to hormones to traveling. But to all my gals out there that suffer, you’re not alone, we’ve got this. I’m always sharing my top tips on how to soothe it & I love hearing yours. Next time I’m away I’m sacrificing the weight allowance for @bodyondemand in my suitcase ✈️ #allhailthebloat #itaintababy

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Aj z honby za perfektnou postavou sa môže stať posadnutosť

What's more important to you, looking good or feeling good? 👀 The majority of us, boys & gals, have been through periods where all we want to do is look good but it takes over & we lose the want to feel good 🕺🏼💃🏼 There's a huge difference between choosing when you want to workout & being so obsessed you don't even have the choice. Back in the left photo I had lost my sense of control & working out/counting every calorie took over my life. I was addicted to not just looking the leanest I could but I was obsessed with the gym, I spent way too much time there & it took priority over things it shouldn't of. The right photo was taken last week, after not stepping foot in a gym for 16 days (because of a kidney infection). I'm now at a shape that's healthier for me. Not only has my body changed but my mindset has shifted so so much, even after one day off/a rest day I was so desperate to go back to training it felt like an unhealthy addiction. Now, I walk out of the gym feeling fulfilled, strong & energised compared to the exhausted & sore me on the left. I am so glad I did a bikini competition because it really did educate me & I learnt so much about my body but I would choose happiness over 11% body fat ANYDAY 🙋🏼 So, next time you're working out, think to yourself, am I doing this just to look good or to feel good too? 💛

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Čo sa nehodí, sa jednoducho vymaže

💃🏼|🙅🏼 Left photo: Favourited out of the 8 taken & posted. Right photo: Immediately deleted & forgotten about. Both photos unedited & seconds between them. I do so many of these but this one is my scariest & most exposing so far. I was going through my recently deleted folder ready to 'delete all' but saw the right photo & recovered it. I felt this sense of guilt that I'd deleted it & posted the left one. A year ago I would've been left feeling so unhappy by how I look on the right & deleted it forever like it never happened but it was a huge reminder for me today that Instagram can be such a 'perfection trap'. I'm clearly super happy in the right one after @brontekingg had cracked a hilarious joke, I don't hate it but the lighting isn't 'flattering' nor is the way I'm holding my body or the angle of it but it's ME. Both of the photos are me 🙋🏼 I am proud of how I feel about my body looking at these photos. I feel like I look healthy in both & look after myself but also live without controlling myself like I have done in the past. So your Monday Motivation all the way from Singapore: People post the best photo out of a bunch taken… I know it's said a lot these days but it helps me a huge amount too. If you see a photo of yourself in 'bad' lighting or an 'unflattering angle' just remind yourself how beautiful you are & that you're ALLOWED to look like that. We were not made to be Barbie dolls who LOOK insanely good 24/7, we were made to be humans who FEEL insanely good 24/7 💛

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Transformácia v priebehu niekoľkých sekúnd

"I want to look good for summer" "I want my bikini body back" SURE… but whyyyyy don't you want to look good for winter too? For Father Christmas? 🎅🏼❄️ How about FEELING good for life? FEELING like a superwoman the whole year round? Yes '8 week transformations' are amazing to get you going & if you're learning from them AMAZING… but if you just stop there after the 8 weeks, your body isn't going to stay like that forever AND you may have changed your body but not your mindset. I can change my body in 2 seconds, from the left photo to the right & in both, I feel good. I know I train consistently, I know I fuel myself well, I know it's okay to let my belly out when I'm sitting down next to the pool. SO… long term/life plan: • Educate yourself, that doesn't mean doing a personal training course, that means learning about yourself, how to train & how to eat. • Do your own research, your own body is your best friend, explore it • Find a class you love & look forward to, find a PT that works you hard but looks after you, find a friend that gives you that little boost of motivation when you need it… find things that work for YOU! So tonight, do one thing for me & let your belly release, embrace it, give it a little jiggle 💛

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Správny strih plaviek spraví viac než dosť

High waisted 👙: Gives the illusion of a smaller waist ✔️ Increases body confidence ✔️ Good for those 'bloated' days ✔️ Low waisted 👙: Reveals the 'life handles' ✔️ Nowhere to hide ✔️ For those days you feel like a superwoman ✔️ I only ever used to wear high waisted bikinis, I felt so self conscious in anything low waisted… But now I wear both depending on how I feel (maybe not a rolled down high waisted like the right photo as it squeezes everything up!) Find styles that suit YOU & your body, the first step to body confidence on holiday is feeling comfortable in your bikini. So as I've said before, try on loads & loads of different styles in your living room, dance around in them & see which one you feel most like Wonder Woman in because you DESERVE to feel amazing 💃🏼

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Nie všetko je také ružové, ako sa na prvý pohľad zdá

Ďalší dôkaz čarovného účinku mejkapu

Keď menej kíl neznamená vždy lepšiu možnosť

LEFT: End of 2015 RIGHT: Today LEFT: Training twice a day 6 times a week, 1,200 calories restricted diet, UNSUSTAINABLE & missing out so many fun things! RIGHT: Training 5-6 times a week, never track macros or calories, HAPPIER THAN EVER & having ALLLLL the fun 💃🏼 18 months & 13kg in between. Please please my gorgeous girls… get RID off your scales. Just go with how you feel. I cannot say it enough but I won't stop until you all tell me how good you feel without them 💛 There is so so so much more to life than living in the gym & depriving yourself from things that make you happy. You find that healthy relationship with food & the gym with experience & time. Today's event for B-EAT really reminded me how far I've come with my body confidence & I just want to help as many people as possible 🌈

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Tá správna pozícia spraví dojem

No matter what shape, size, height you are… never ever apologise for wearing a bikini 👙 The way you hold yourself speaks a thousand words. It changes how you look & how you feel. Shoulders back, chest open = confidence. Even if you're not feeling super comfortable, this posture oozes 'I'm slaying this bikini' Hunched over, slouchy = 'sorry I'm wearing this, I shouldn't be' YES YOU SHOULD. After so many questions since Ibiza bikini photos, I've filmed my top tips for SLAYING YOUR BIKINI 💛 I want you to try something for me now. Whether you're standing or sitting. Roll your shoulders forward & let that belly hang out. Notice how it makes you feel. Now, open up that chest & pull those shoulders back. You've grown a few inches & how do you feel now? Body confidence is a feeling, it's something you slowly find when you start thinking a different way. It's not just about 'losing a few pounds' or 'dropping a dress size'. With summer holidays coming at you like a rocket, I want to help you feel like the GODDESS YOU ARE in every outfit, bikini or you're favourite dress 💃🏼

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Byť spokojnými vo vlastnej koži je to najdôležitejšie na svete

Ever sat on the floor like the right photo, looked down at your belly & thought 'yuk'? 🙋🏼 I have… a million times. But over the past year, with the help of Instagram & 'the real talk' I've learnt it's actually completely & utterly normal. As the gorge goddess @imrececen stated, very very wisely… you are beautiful no matter what 💃🏼 We all get sucked into the trap of wanting to 'look good' but do we ever stop & think… will it actually make me a better person? Will my friends love me more if I've got a six pack? Will I get promoted at work if I've got a thigh gap? There's a difference between looking good & feeling good. Working out should make you feel like a better person, it should make you feel like a superhero, it should make you appreciate your body more & therefore make you want to take care of yourself. I train super hard because I absolutely love it, I lift weights because it makes me feel strong & I take the time to look after myself… but I still have a tum when I sit down. That tum ain't going nowhere, no matter how hard I work, sweat & train. You can choose how you feel, you have the power to think positively so let's say goodbye to all of those negative words you call yourself & hello to feeling proud of your body 💛

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Instagram vs. realita

LET'S TALK. Ever bent your back in half to try that 'booty' pose you see all the fitnessgrammmmers doing?! Ever done it & realised your 🍑 looks absolutely nothing like the perfect smooth peach you see in their photo? The left photo is in a very 'flattering' darker light, the right is what my beeeeehind ACTUALLY looks like… bumps, lumps & the real stuff. Neither photos have a filter or have been edited at all, they're both in the same room just different areas in my living room! Instagram is FLOODED with the left photos when actually we should be drowning in 'the real life booty' pictures. It is something I'm so so passionate about & it frustrates me daily how some people with such a huge responsibility, use Instagram to 'show off' their lives, their 'perfect' bodies & create this unachievable life. Instagram is a platform to find inspiration & motivation but it is also the modern way of talking about issues, real life sh🍿t & to build a community of people that know they are not alone in any aspect of life. I used to be so scared of wearing shorts & felt so so uncomfortable BUT I workout 5-6 times a week, I eat very well & I will ALWAYS have the bits you can see on the right photo, my 'second bottom', the darker bit underneath my cheeeeeky weekys 🍑. Both are 'real' they're just showing different parts of 'reality' but which one is 'goals'… the right one SHOULD be 👀

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Chessie si vie zo seba urobiť srandu. Určite to nie je ľahké. Svojim príkladom však môže mnohých presvedčiť o tom, že skutočne nezáleží na dokonalej postave.

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