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Androgýnna modelka s tvárou muža a telom ako anjel od Victoria Secret búra gender stereotypy.

Rain je modelkou, za ktorou sa na módnych prehliadkach otáčajú všetky hlavy, či už predvádza mužské alebo ženské oblečenie. 

Rain sa nepovažovala vždy za androgýnnu. V svojich očiach samú seba skôr videla ako „škaredú ženu“. Nikdy však kvôli tomu nemala hlavu v smútku a myslela si, že proste práve na ňu padol údel byť „škaredé káčatko“. To bolo až do času, pokiaľ nezačala pracovať ako požiarnička. Vtedy sa začala cítiť ešte viac posilnená v svojej rodovej nejednoznačnosti a sexualite. Nejednoznačnosť pohlavia jej priniesla možnosť pracovať na naozaj zvláštnych pracovných miestach.

Dnes je Rain aktivistkou a snaží sa ľudom dokázať, že krása môže mať mnoho podôb. „Všetci sa krvopotne usilujeme byť jedineční, ale pritom najjedinečnejšou vecou je, keď sme samým sebou,“ odkazuje spoločnosti Rain.

Zoznámte sa s Rain Dove, androgýnnou modelkou, ktorá sa snaží prelomiť rodové stereotypy

Ľudia ju častokrát považujú za muža, ona sa však ani neunúva presvedčiť ich o opaku

Za muža ju považovali aj keď pracovala ako požiarnička

"MENS" vs "WOMENS" Running #Olympic Attire. ?LAST IMAGE IN SERIES?? While the "women" typically wear "more revealing" garments when it comes to track- I actually felt that their outfit was far more advantageous than the "mens" when it comes to moving. I asked why men don't compete shirtless or with shorter undergarments that hugged their curves like the "women" shorts do. I was told that many times "men" are required to wear a shirt to be able to better identify them. And that the shorts were a matter of comfort because many "male" athletes are anxious about their genitals potentially popping out. I found this somewhat humorous as many people have told me that they fear the same thing about some of the "WOMENS" outfits. Also interestingly many "women" runners often have a full face of makeup while running, and this year some had neat gold tattoos. The reason being that they knew cameras and sponsors were watching them up close on TV. Men didn't even have foundation on- and didn't worry about the same type of thing. The The real issue that "women" have in this sport, since it IS so revealing- is that people often doubt a talented runners true "sex" if that person has "too much muscle tone", "too much body hair", or are "too fast". In fact, several "women" runners with too high of "testosterone" have been forced in their countries to do hormone therapy and even get partial clitoral removal because their hormones are seen as not feminine and too advantageous. This is my final 5/5 photos of the Olympic athletic attire comparisons between "men" and "women". For the other 4 view the past four posts on this profile. Practical? Designed for the sport and body? Or just sexploitation? What I found out surprised me. And maybe it will you too. Not every revealing outfit is sexist. And yet sexism via design has not fully left sports. Every day through honesty and open communication we get closer to a work that sees simply sport. Not sex. ? @markwijs #meepmeep #TRACKtheprogress #testoroneisntjustforpenises #mengetoppressedtoo #lovewins #lgbt #qpia #genderfluid #genderreveal #tomboy #himonidothisnow

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Rain s tým nemala problém, kedže žila v Colorade na mieste, kde líšky dávali dobrú noc a potrebovala aspoň nejakú prácu, aby mala na svoje živobytie

WOMENS vs MENS Olympic Beach Volleyball. SAME SPORT. DIFFERENT "SEX" STANDARDS ————————————————– This is one of 5 images I'll be releasing over the weekend as the Olympics end. Because the aftermath will not just be an empty stadium, medal winners/losers, and endorsement deals gained. It will also be the statement that the Olympics made about the GLOBALLY accepted standards and values set for men and women through fashion and sport. Practical? Best designed for the sex? Or just sexploitation? Some things may surprise you! For instance as of 2012 beach volleyball "women" were allowed permission to wear many other types of attire aside from bikinis as long as it's approved. However this remains the most common attire type and most times the decision on what to wear is made by the team owner, committee, or sponsor with no input from the player. Some players say that they prefer this because bikinis do better in the sand. Some say they won't get endorsements and sponsorships otherwise. ?????????????????? Kids will be going back to school knowing that these are the top athletes in the world. Knowing that this is how you have to dress to be a professional. And statistically 6/10 "women" will stop playing athletics they love in college and highschool because of "body image" or exposure. This Olympic year had more "women" playing than ever before… But as you watch my series post you will see. We still have a bit of a way to go before all bodies are treated equally. ? @markwijs #NOlympics #lovewins #genderfluid #genderreveal #lgbt #qpia #tomboy #beachvolleyball #tomgirl #inmyskiniwin #frolicfrolicfrolic

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Teraz je Rain aktivistkou

A začala pracovať aj na svojej hereckej kariére

Rain považuje rodové stereotypy za koncept vytvorený spoločnosťou, do ktorého nie sme povinní zapadnúť

Male, female, anything in between- if you're a human then reading or hearing news of the #HB2 law should concern you. That's why tomorrow APRIL 17th I'm at Moore Square in Raleigh, NC organizing a super special demonstration to fight this oppressive law. If you are from NC and want to join then DM me or click the link in the bio. If you just want to see the change happen then also click the link in bio! There will be a shocking and emotional but fun LIVESTREAM link from 3-5pm EST of what we are doing. Please show up one way or another. This is what we are here to do- love the life we live. These laws are dropping not just protections for #LGBT individuals- but also minimum wage requirements. Which means no matter your sex, sexuality, or race avenues are being opened to exploit you to work harder for less setting you up to not be able to retire and to live a minimum wage lifestyle. We the people deserve fair wages and treatment! #forfuturebabiessonopressure #lgbt #hetero #lesbian #gay #transgender #cis #activism #frolicfrolicfrolic ? @sierrajiminez my ???

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„Tam vonku sú ľudia, ktorí ťa majú radi, a ktorí ťa akceptujú takého aký v skutočnosti si.“

A Rain sa považuje za jednu z nich.

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